the power of Real-Time Full Accrual Financials

Executive Management Can Now See
Financial Results At the end of each Day


Coming in 2019 !!!
VirtualFinancials is proud to announce coming in 1st quarter 2019, the release of the VirtualFinancials enterprise resource planning (ERP) application.  Currently, our application is patent pending.  VirtualFinancials brings ERP systems into the 21st century with an easy to implement, cloud based system.

See full accrual financials in real-time

The system is designed for business entities to automate closing the accounting books on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis, using full accrual accounting methods.  The systems uses various sub system financial databases, which are interfaced with end user systems such as Sales Systems, Time Keeping Systems, and Purchasing Systems.  It will use the data from these files on a real-time basis, along with the systems, methods and automation parameters and logic to create real-time journal entries to the accounting ledgers. 

This will allow managers and executive management to see in real-time the full accrual financial results of the entities operations. Allowing managers to make better decisions in real-time for their entities to minimize losses or maximize earnings.   The most logical use will be to see the financial results at the end of the day for an entity based upon the activities of the entity. 

Using artificial intelligence, the system becomes more accurate each day in the recording of transactions.  It can make seasonal adjustments, adjustments related to business volumes, etc.  Want to change your company hierarchy, no problem.  Need to make changes to the Chart of Accounts, no problem.  It has extremely flexible capabilities compared to more dated/older ERP systems.

See financial results at the end of each day based on actual activity

The following modules will be available upon release:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll/Timekeeping
  • Fixed Assets
  • Supply Chain/Inventory Management
  • Costing
  • Reports/Dashboards

All of these are fully integrated to the Suite of applications.

Using VirtualFinancials will require less resources to install, maintain and use than any other system that has been deployed in the market during the last 50 years. This system will pay for itself.