Improving the overall healthcare experience

Matching Resources To Patient's Scheduling Needs

Right Appointment© is a centralized patient scheduling application that allows healthcare entities to manage both patient and physician scheduling.  In addition, using the open schedule, the healthcare entity can open its ability to attract new persons to their clinic that are new to town or just looking for a new physician or second opinion.

Our system matches available resources to the patient scheduling needs to ensure a smooth and timely patient visit to the healthcare provider. This is achieved by matching multiple resources required for every outpatient encounter, including the physician, room, equipment, type of appointment and insurance.  Our advanced scheduling logic assists physicians with staying on schedule to provide a better patient experience.

This application can be used as part of our integrated Omnipresent HIS© system or can be used as standalone application for those entities that already have a billing system. The application is customized based on the locations and resources that exist for the healthcare provider.

We can have you up and running in no time.

In standalone mode, the internet site is used as a sign-up and overview launch point for the system.  The Mobile App is available for download as well for use by patients and clinicians.

We believe our Patient Scheduling system provides the most convenient scheduling service for clinics, hospitals and their patients.  Its features include:

  • Enhance the customer experience.  The scheduling system will help to ensure shorter wait times, shorter visits at the hospital and patient self-service functionality that will facilitate a better customer experience.
  • Match healthcare facility resources with the patient needs related to their clinic/hospital visit. This matching includes all the logistics associated with a patient visit including room availability, equipment, physician schedule and incorporates the estimated times it will take to complete the tasks of any given encounter.
  • Makes appointment scheduling easy. The selection menu for booking single appointments, multiple appointments, selecting type of appointment, clinic location, or physician is easy and intuitive.  Average time to book an appointment is less than a minute by the Scheduler.


  • Mobile applications to allow patients to book their own appointments.  Mobile applications for iPhone and Android phones are under development with different views and functions for patients and clinicians.  This includes a centralized web site for patients to search and find a near-by physician are under development.
  • Avoid the Emergency Room. With our applications, a physician is always available to see you in an urgent, but non-emergent situation.  Normally with no waiting.  Why get stuck in an ER, when you can book yourself and go to the closet clinic that takes your insurance.
  • Allow you to track patient flow in the hospital. We will use both smart cell phones and other mobile devices to track the patient through their visit.  This would include a “Patient Traffic Controller” that assists in ensuring a smooth patient visit and can address any bottlenecks in the process flow. (coming in 2019)

Physicians and patients are busy with the everyday tasks in their lives.  We have designed this system to make healthcare interactions easier.