What guides us

Improving patient and provider experiences

mission and Vision


Our mission is to improve healthcare access for patients and reduce healthcare costs by providing applications that assist patients, physicians, hospitals, employers, insurance companies and government agencies make the healthcare process more efficient.


We believe we can significantly increase the cost effectiveness and quality of healthcare in the markets we serve by providing healthcare infrastructure in the form of cloud and mobile based applications.

For the patient, our vision is provide full access to both their medical (Electronic Health Record) and healthcare financial related information, so that they can make informed decisions related to their healthcare. Also, we want to provide applications that allow for the continuum of care to be unbroken, no matter what healthcare provider they see. We will provide patient applications that facilitate preventive care, wellness programs and the monitoring of high risk diseases, including diabetes and cardiac pulmonary disease. All of these applications will be available to the patient through the use of their mobile devices, such as an iPhone, android, iPad, etc or at home using their personal computer and a web browser.

For the physician, our vision is to provide easy to use healthcare tools that allow them to provide the best healthcare services possible to their patients through the use of cloud and mobile technologies allowing them access to patient information whenever they need to and wherever they are. This includes tools that allow the physician to see a clear picture of the patient and their current episode, the patients history and previous encounters and diagnosis. Our systems will provide a set of check and balances to assist in the prevention of patient service errors and assist the physician in the completion of key documentation in the Electronic Health Record to ensure proper care to the patient and proper documentation to ensure accurate billing to the insurer and patient.

For government agencies, our vision is provide applications that allow for the management of patient populations in their country, province or city. These applications can be used to create programs for preventive care, wellness programs or programs that are specifically developed for specific patient populations and diseases, such as diabetes and cardiac pulmonary 

disease as examples. We have designed our Electronic Health Record to be the hub to connect other clinical systems together and become the repository for a country wide electronic healthcare record, that can travel wherever the patient is receiving healthcare services. Using our tools, data can be analyzed and used to create new programs and manage system wide costs.

For the provider, our vision is to provide infrastructure, in the form of healthcare applications, that allow the providers and caregivers to focus on providing the highest possible level of service in their healthcare setting. Our systems are designed to be easy to use and can be customized at the user level, so that the system works the way the user works. This allows the caregiver to spend more time on the patient and less time on the system documenting the care given. With our administrative applications, our applications will streamline the process to purchase supplies, recruit and mobilize employees and more.

For the insurer, our vision is to provide an integrated approach to claims authorization, adjudication of claims and the analysis of utilization information by providers to manage the costs of specific patient populations. In addition, we want to provide tools that allow the insurer to provide a better experience for the employer and covered employees, including financial responsibility information in an easy to understand format for patients.

For the employer, our vision is to provide tools that allow the employer to provide its employees programs to keep them on the job and not underutilized due to health issues. The employer will be able to set up programs to motivate and encourage its employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle and monitor their health conditions and provide early notification of possible health risks. Healthcare can be a large cost to an employer and we want to provide tools that help the employer manage those costs.