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Servicesdot.com develops cloud-based healthcare applications that facilitate the clinical and business processes in healthcare.  This includes essential back office services for healthcare organizations that make the business run efficiently.  We have currently developed, or are in the development stages with applications in:

Letter From the CEO

Dear Physicians,
Welcome to our website. I hope you will find the information on our site helpful. We are truly here to help you. This is my story and the story of Servicesdot.com.

I am a 36-year veteran of healthcare having worked for large corporate entities and have been a founder in four start-up companies. I have a unique blend of expertise in finance, healthcare IT, and operations, that has been used to perform a lot of different roles during my career. I have had a dream to be able to develop and deploy healthcare information systems that are easy to implement, use and support and that are affordable.

I founded Servicesdot.com seven years ago, while I was working in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates,  as CFO for a 300-bed hospital. It began with a need for a claims scrubbing application and medical necessity checker, which lead to a full automated billing system, which led to CPOE and an electronic medical record, patient scheduling system and more.
After reading article after article of the problems that physicians were facing and the failures of some of the big system providers in recent months, and federal investigations, and overall dissatisfaction with physician EMRs, I decide it was time to come back home to the great USA and move the operations to Nashville, TN. I have begun to put together an incredible team that is going to do a lot of great things over the next few years.

After having visited a physician’s office this week and an endoscopy center the week before, I can see there is a lot of work to be done. I had physicians with an EMR system available, but still using paper, because they did not like their system. My wife received three separate sheets of paper for future appointments, one appointment per page, using less than a one eighth of each page. Then, I could not believe the outpatient endoscopy center had no system at all to use. The Registration Clerk was using a ledger size hand written sheet to check us and marked us off the list with a highlighter. EMR was all still paper. I just thought I had entered the twilight zone. 

I believe with today’s emerging options, every provider should be able to afford the latest information technology to provide better patient care and run their business. These systems should be easy to use, automated to the furthest extent possible, mobile enabled and affordable. Our company approach is to make your life easier and your business more productive by using our applications. We are not going to ask you to sign a long-term contract. All of contracts have a 90 day out for the customer, regardless of the reason. We want you using our systems, because you like our systems and our company provides good service. Also, there is no huge capital investment. Our normal implementation fee is 2-3 months of your monthly fee. Our business model is to provide you a product that works, receive a fair monthly fee for the product and provide the customer support when you need it.

Unlike a lot of other companies selling products and services, I have billed claims, dealt with patient complaints, overseen the management of lab, pharmacy, acute care services, outpatient services, home health and more. I have installed large ERP systems, most of the large healthcare EMR and billing systems, integrated these systems and built business intelligence tools. I believe I can bring this experience to bear, along with your input to have the best products and services in the market. 

Servicesdot.com would like to be a positive change agent in today’s environment. If you want the same thing, contact us and we will see how we can work together to solve your problems.

Thank you,
Kenneth W. Perry